What are Tarot and Oracle Cards?

Tarot, pronounced tair (rhymes with hair) oh (second t is silent) is a divination tool dating back to the 15th century. It’s an instrument used to access Divine guidance and gain insight in times of joy as well as times of challenge.  Tarot decks are structured and generally the same regardless of who created or published them.  Oracle cards are also divination tools, but they are varied and free flowing.  The images, meanings, and number of cards included in the deck are varied.  I typically use a combination of oracle and tarot cards in my readings.

It’s normal to feel tense and sometimes blocked when encountering stressful situations. These reactions often make it difficult to decipher Divine messages from our own fear based messages. Oracle cards bring clarity, peace, and comfort and realign us with our path.

As an intuitive tarot card reader, I use the cards in conjunction with my own intuition to channel the messages that you most need to hear. I set the tone to only work with high vibrational guides–I do not allow negative entities to enter my readings. My readings are safe and for the client’s highest good.

What is a Medium?

A medium is someone who connects with non-physical beings (deceased) to deliver messages to living beings. I was always able to sense, hear, and often see non-physical beings, but I realized early in life that this frightens many people. There is nothing to fear about mediumship.

Sometimes, I am not clear whether the person is living or not. I recall early on, I was doing a healing session on a client when I noticed her grandfather kneeling beside her and crying. I didn’t want to say anything but his sobs became so loud that I could no longer focus. I reluctantly said something to her and her whole face dropped. She was shocked and instantly burst into tears. There had been a huge family dispute and her grandfather (who was living) was distraught. I was able to help her connect with him energetically and find out what was necessary to heal this dispute.

Another time, I was doing a reading for a client when I saw a man pop in. I described what he was wearing and what he looked like and my client identified this man as his grandfather. His face dropped and he had a similar response to my previous client. I assumed this person was living and perhaps, they too, were having a family dispute. I was surprised to find out that his grandfather had died several years earlier. They appeared the same way energetically so there was no way for me to distinguish the difference. I never know what will come forward in sessions, but I trust that what does will benefit the client.

What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronouned “Ray-Key”) is a gentle, healing energy that balances, cleanses, and renews one’s energy field to help achieve a state of deep relaxation and a sense of well-being. It has been known to be effective in helping virtually every known illness. Rei means “universal” and Ki means the vital force energy which flows through all that is alive. Therefore, it essentially means universal life-force energy. Reiki is transmitted through the hands.

Who Can Receive Reiki?

Every living thing! Adults, children, animals, plants, insects–anything that has life can benefit from Reiki.

What Does a Treatment Feel Like?

Some people feel warmth during a session, others may feel hot energy. Some feel nothing at all. The experience is unique for everyone and often different each time. If the client feels nothing, this does not mean they are not receiving Reiki, only that their particular sensitivity level may not be quite as intense as others.

What Can I Expect During a Session?

A normal session lasts about an hour but could last longer depending on the specific needs of the client. The Reiki is administered by gentle touch in various places on the body. For long distance sessions, the client chooses a place that he/she can lie down comfortably and relax while the Reiki is administered.

How Many Reiki Sessions Do I Need?

A minimum of three treatments are recommended for maximum benefit. However, since everyone integrates energy healing at different rates, I always tell my clients to trust their intuition regarding when they should book another session.  You will be able to tell when it’s time.