Susan has been a blessing to me. Through her readings, healings, visions, and Reiki, she has opened my eyes, heart and mind to things I subconsciously was aware of but have refused to deal with. Susan has such a unique and precious gift. She uses her talents with gentleness, kindness and caring with the only intent to heal, provide guidance, and peace as directed from the angels above.


Susan is very knowledgeable in the art of Reiki. She was able to determine my medical needs without any information from me. She wrote me an email message and said that I was on her mind and that it seemed as though I was having some pain and discomfort. She was absolutely right. She then gave me an accurate assessment of what was going wrong in my body. I found that to be truly amazing. She asked for permission to perform Reiki on my ailing body parts from nearly 4,000 miles away and I granted it. The very next day the pain, stiffness and most of the swelling had gone away. Metaphysically, she is truly awesome!


I have known Susan for over 10 years and she has shared her gifts with me and numerous people I love and care about. She is an exceptional intuitive and has guided me on many of my adventures in life. She has always shown me light and truth and given friendship and laughter that accompanies her very accurate and amazing messages. Susan has also sent me her wonderful Reiki from across the states. It is amazing and beautiful and has helped me emotionally and physically. I am a more balanced and happy person now…largely due to Susan and her wonderful gifts.


Even though I live halfway across the planet (South Korea), we know that energy has no such boundaries as distance and time. Susan has provided me with vital feedback and clarity during our sessions and readings. She truly uses her gifts to heal, rejuvenate and increase love and light. I know she will enrich anyone’s life with whom she comes in contact.